Senior Researcher with strategic corporate experience in discovering, targeting and applying new technologies and bio-actives for conception and creation of breakthrough personal care products. Proven record in directing and conducting innovative, patented/published, cutting-edge scientific research for claims substantiation of new products.  Management and leadership skills.  Strong academic background and numerous scientific publications. Board member of several international organizations.  




  • First time demonstration that EM fields modulate neurotransmitter function in-vitro. Published in Nature.
  • Co-developed and published a new method of electro-diagnosis to measure endogenous 
  • electromagnetic fields of the body. 
  • Demonstrated and published the effect of acoustic energy to enhance immune function. First time discovery that time-varying potential fields have neurological and immunological effects in-vitro. 
  • Published in journal articles and book chapters.
  • Received grant from Fetzer Institute to study bio-effects of potential fields. 
  • Developed a patented a technology to prevent damaging cutaneous effects of EM fields.



  •  Demonstrated a novel anti-inflammatory in-vitro effect of orange light
  • Patented a novel anti-oxidant effect of green light using a cell-free system
  • Discovered the ability of red light to activate cytochrome oxidase
  • Researched the detrimental effects of infrared light on the skin



  • Investigate neurochemical mechanisms of touch/smell and clinically evaluated new bio-actives.
  • A dogma-breaking discovery for the presence of two different neurotransmitters in a neuronal cell line which was published in prestigious journal Nature.
  • Developed and neurochemically characterized new in-vitro neuronal cell models with several 
  • publication in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Discovered and published a new effect of neuro-peptides of immune cell function resulting in 
  • several peer-reviewed publications.
  • Established, for the first time, growth factors necessary for long-term maintenance of human cutaneous mast cells in tissue culture (published results)



ESTEE LAUDER, Melville, NY   1995 - 2009

Senior Principal Scientist - Director New Venture and Applied Research Groups

  • Partnered with brand marketing teams to create new scientific claims strategies for core 
  • brand franchises 
  • Pioneered new clinical protocols for claims substantiation of key product lines
  • Directed, advised and participated in core business R&D task forces. 
  • Recruited and advised consultants from academia and technical companies.
  • Managed elite, futuristic Blue Sky group that oversaw development of unprecedented 
  • technologies ultimately marketed in global products.  
  • Introduced precedent-setting Neurocosmetic products generating millions in annual US retail sales by initiating and directing a Neurophysiology group.  
  • Innovated new direction for skin protection market by developing products with patented technology to protect skin from harmful electromagnetic radiation.
  • Secured world patent and introduced new optical technology for both Spa device and global product offering novel beneficial effect of visible light on skin.
  • Identified, negotiated and collaborated with (cross-industry) suppliers of novel raw materials. 



INSTITUTE OF HEARTMATH, Boulder Creek, CA     1993 - 1995                                   

Director of Biomedical Research


STANFORD MEDICAL SCHOOL, Stanford, CA        1987 - 1993

Research Scientist in Dermatology Department


Mt. SINAI MEDICAL SCHOOL, New York, NY         1984 - 1987

Assistant Professor in Orthopedics Department                           



HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL, Boston, MA           1974 - 1977                                      

Research Assistant 1992- 1995: John F.Kennedy University: Department of Liberal Studies, Orinda, CA. 

Adjunct Professor: taught bioelectromagnetics for non-science students





General Chemistry: Boston University, Chemistry Department, 1971-1972.

Bioelectrochemistry: Columbia University, Bioengineering Program, 1985.

Graduate Student-Neuroimmunology: Stanford Univ, Dermatology Dept, 1989.

Adjunct Professor: Bioelectromagnetics:JFK Univ, Dept Liberal Studies, CA 1992-95.



Cancer Research Campaign grant to characterize neural crest tumors - 1978-81

 DermatologyFoundation  grant to measure pH regulation in keratinocytes -1987-88

 Fetzer Foundation  grant to study electromagnetic field effects on immunity-1989-91



Invited lecturer at National & International Conferences Society for Scientific Exploration  2007

National Institute Clinical Application Behavioral Medicine  South Carolina, 1999

Predicitive Medicine Conference -University of Auvergne France  2000

Electrodiagnosis Conference  St.Petersburg, Russia  1999

Neuroscience Conference Tel Aviv, Israel  1983





Postdoctoral fellowship in the Department of Medical Electronics,                    


Ph.D. in Biochemistry,                             


MS in Biochemistry,                                    


BS in Chemistry,                                




1990-present: Quantum Biology Research Labs: Ridgway, CO. 


 Consultant & independent research in biolectromagnetics

 Developed new in-vitro assays to demonstrate efficacy of ultra-weak EM fields

 Claims substantiation for companies selling EM devices



Teaching Fellowship: Boston University, 1971-72.

 Postdoctoral Fellowship: St. Bartholomew's Hospital, Department of Medical Electronics, London, U.K., 1983-84.

 Research Fellow: Mt. Sinai Medical Center, Orthopedics Department, NY, 1984-85.

 Research Fellow:Stanford Medical School, Dermatology Department, CA, 1987-88.



 Society of Cosmetic Chemists variety of seminars     1998-2008

Several management training & success-promoting courses at Estee Lauder 1998-2006                          




 International Society of Bioelectricity: Governing Board Invitee, 1986.

 Foundation for Research on Natural Therapies: Board of Directors, 1989-1992. 

 International Association for New Science: Scientific Advisory Board, 1995-1998.


Temple University Frontier Sciences: Editorial Board Member, 1997-present.

Planetary Association for Clean Energy: Board of Directors, 1997-present.

Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine: Editorial Board, 1998-present.

Institute for Scientific Investigation Director, Biophysics Dept. 2011




Nat Foundation Alt Med: Member Device Evaluation Committee, 2008-present

Bioelectromagnetics Society: Member, 1984-present.

Scientific and Medical Network: Member, England, 1984-present.





 Cancer Research Campaign: Characterization of neural crest tumors. 1978-1981.

 Dermatology Foundation: Intracellular pH in human keratinocytes. 1987-1988.

 Fetzer Foundation: Electromagnetic field regulation of immune system.1989-1991.




US5958976, Composition & Method for Reducing Stinging in Skin, Neelam Muizzuddin, Ken D Marenus, Glen Rein, Mary Matsui, issued 9/28/1999


US20060088602, Electromagnetic Field Regulation Compositions, Paolo Giacomoni, Vasile Ionato-Manzato, Glen Rein, registered 2006


WO200200190 Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Compositions and Methods of Using Green-light Emitting Materials, J. Gubernick, Glen Rein, George Cioca issued 4/8/02 


US 61/085213 Methods of treating wrinkles, developing wrinkle treatments and evaluating treatment efficacy, based on newly discovered similarities between wrinkles and skin wounds. T. Mammone, V. Ionita-manzatu, G. Rein filed 8/31/2008




Numerous radio and TV interviews discussing Bioelectromagnetics for lay audiences eg. Thams TV, London, 


 THAMES TV, London, England, Mind Over Matter Series Lecture/demonstration on healing with electromagnetic energy, 1980.


 Canadian TV, Ottawa. Hazards of Video Display Terminals, 1982.

Interview with A. Microwski on electromagnetic emissions from VDT.


 WKEST Radio, San Francisco, Alternative Medicine Series, 1986.

Interview with Dr. Badgley on electromagnetic healing. KISS Radio, Boston, 

Whole Life Expo promotion, 1987.

Interview with S. Danehy on electromagnetic/psychotronic devices.


 Newton Cable TV,Boston, Alternative Medicine Program, 1988.

Video interview on scalar electromagnetic energy fields.


 FLACH TV, Paris, France, Alternative Medicine in U.S.A., 1989.

Interview on Alternative Medicine research with B.Martino.


 Self magazine, 1990

Interview with Michael Castleman on electromagnetic pollution


Explore magazine, 1990.

Interview with Jeanne Manning - quantum biology


 Redbook magazine, 1991

Interview with Michael Castleman on homeopathy


 Beyond 2000 TV, Austrialia, 1994.

Interview about Alternative Medicine research


Natural Alternatives Health Talk Radio, nationally syndicated, 1997

Interview with Dr. Ellen Kamhi for Burton Goldberg and myself on alternative medicine


 WYNW, Channel 5, Good Morning New York, 1998

Interview about Alternative Medicine


Gary Null Radio show 

Two interviews about bioelectromagnetics 



 Bioelectromagnetics only


Neurochemical Mechanisms for Healing with Electromagnetic Energy

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 Spontaneous and Induced Electromagnetic Emissions from Biological Systems

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Healing with Electromagnetic Energy

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Healing Mechanisms for Non-classical Electromagnetic Energies

Us Psychotronics Association Conference, St. Louis, MO, 2005


Electromagnetic Mediation of Water Stewardship

Business Unusual Group, Ridgway, CO. 2007


 Energy Healing  Beyond Electromagnetics 

Society for Scientific Exploration, Michegan State Univ., 2007-present


German Society for Energy Medicine 

Lecture on non-classical EM fields, Heidelberg, 2009



Bioelectromagnetics (only) 50 additional (biochemistry, pharmacology, etc)


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