Innovative Biophysical Technologies, IBT, is the contract research arm of its parent company, Quantum Biology Research Lab. IBT offers specialized testing service using in-vitro model systems for a wide variety of physiological process and disease states. biochemical and biophysical measures. The client chooses the type of biological system and the physiological function to be measured. Biological systems range from bio-molecules like DNA to simple biological systems like cells in tissue culture or microorganisms. IBT uses standard state-of-the art biochemical measurements in addition to biophysical measures when appropriate.

 The Quantum Biology Research Lab was first established in the 1980’s with the help of a grant from the Fetzer Foundation. It now focuses on research and development of novel biophysical assays involving modification of standard methods. A recently developed technique involves measuring the quantum properties of bio-molecules and cells using non-linear dielectric spectroscopy.