Noradrenaline release potentiated in a clonal nerve cell line by low-intensity pulsed magnetic fields. 
Dixey R & Rein G 
Nature 1982;296:253-56

Recent studies have shownthat extremely-low frequency electric fields and radio-frequency amplitude-modulated electromagnetic fields can influence ion fluxes in neuronal tissue. Furthermore, the application of low-frequency magnetic fields (LFMF) in the successful treatment of non-union fractures and pseudo-arthrosis has been widely reported. Stimulated by these findings  and the wide variety of effects reported in other biological systems, we have set out to establish a model system for studying the biological effects of such low-frequency fields that readily allows analysis of their mechanism of action. Clonal lines in tissue culture are an obvious choice for such a model, first, because the analysis is simplified by the presence of only one cell type and second, because the geometry of the biological sample can be specified to allow precise quantitation of the applied field strengths and induced current densities. One such clonal line, designated PC12, is a likely candidate for such an approach  as it expresses many properties of differentiated sympathetic neurones, including calcium-dependent release of neurotransmitters. We report here that noradrenaline release from PC12 cells is stimulated by an  inductively coupled 500 Hz LFMF with a magnitude comparable with certain cholinergic stimuli in this system.

Bio-information Within the Biofield - Beyond Electromagnetics
Glen Rein, Ph.D.
J Alternative & Complementary Medicine 2004;10: 59-68

This review article extends previous scientific definitions of the biofield (endogenous energy fields of the body) to include nonclassical and quantum energy fields. The biofield is defined further in terms of its functional property to act as a resonance target for external forms of energy used as treatment modalities in energy medicine. The functional role of the biofield in the body’s innate self-healing mechanisms is hypothesized, based on the concept of bioinformation which, mediated by consciousness, functions globally at the quantum level to supply coherence, phase, spin and pattern information to regulate and heal all physiologic processes. This model is used to explain a wide variety of anomalies reported in the scientific literature, which can not be explained by traditional biophysics and  bioelectromagnetics.

Biological Effects of Non-Classical Electromagnetic Fields Exhibiting Quantum Non-Locality
Glen Rein, Ph.D.
In: Energetic Processes: Interaction Between Matter & Energy, Vol 1, Moscow P (ed), p187-205, Xlibris Corp, NY, 2001.

Physicists are well aware of of the existence of energy fields which have properties which are not explained by the classical equations of Maxwell or Schrodinger. Experimental anomalies associated with contemporary radionics, psychotronics and free energy research may also involve non-classical energy fields, referred to here as quantum fields. Recent findings in biology indicate that certain biomolecules act as superconductors and biological systems in general exhibit non-local, global properties which are consistent with their ability to function at the level of macroscopic quantum coherence. The possibilities that such anomalous behavior might be accounted for by the presence of endogenous quantum fields in biological systems has received little attention. Experimental evidence is presented in this paper in support of this hypothesis. It has been previously proposed that quantum fields can be generated (in combination with potential fields) from self-canceling coils and geometric patterns used in radionics devices. These results demonstrate that quantum fields inhibit neurotransmitter uptake into nerve cells, stimulate the growth of human lymphocytes (white blood cells), modulate the secondary structure of isolated human DNA and alter the absorption of UV light of water. In some cases, quantum fields produced larger effects than classical electromagnetic force fields. This new experimental evidence is used as the basis for a model which introduces the concept of a bio-field composed of layers comprising force fields, potential fields and quantum fields embedded within one another.