Conventional biochemical and biophysical assays
        1) immune enhancement – growth of lymphocytes
        2) nerve regeneration – neurite outgrowth from nerve cells
        3) anti-oxidant activity
        4) DNA winding/unwinding
        5) Electrical properties of DNA

Unconventional energy based bio-assays
        1) quantum properties (electron tunneling) of human DNA 
        2) frequency signatures of bio-molecules and water
        3) measurement of subtle energy of the human body, water or biochemicals

Imprinting water

        1) frequency information

        2) molecular information

Bioelectromagnetics studies
        1) biological effects of classical electromagnetic fields
        2) biological effects of non-classical scalar energy

Cell phone and personal electronic devices
        1) testing patches which neutralize harmful effects of devices
        2) data base of efficacy of other products for comparison
        3) clients include Aulterra, Earthcalm and Dimensional Design

Biological effects of Energy Medicine practitioners & devices
        Using a variety of biochemical and biophysical assays

Clinical studies
        1) biofield measurements
        2) biochemical and biophysical measurements using oral epithelial cells